"My mom works very hard to support our family, but last month we were running low on food. Some days we would only eat once a day. My mom got her paycheck. We were very happy. Then the bills started coming and we weren't able to buy food because a house was more important."
- Wichita girl, age 11
"When I am hungry and I don't eat for a long time I feel dizzy. So imagine how the people who don't eat for a few days feel? To have to steal from stores. Nobody even wants to help them out. Because they could not eat because they were poor... it's not right."
- Wichita girl, age 11
"My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because that's the only night you don't go to bed hungry."
- 13-year-old Wichita boy held back two grades
"In March my mom lost her job and those weeks really we had no food. All we had to eat were beans. I used to like beans but now I hate them."
- Wichita girl, age 11
"Maybe someday I will help the Kansas Food 4 Kids program help all the kids in poverty because it really helped me!"
- Wichita girl, age 12
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Why a virtual food drive?


For just $4.50, you can provide a hungry child with enough healthy food to get through a weekend through the Kansas Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids backpack program. Currently over 7,000 children across Kansas receive weekly bags of food to take home in their school backpacks.

This food goes to children that schools have identified as showing signs of not getting enough to eat over weekends when they do not have access to school breakfast and lunch programs.

The Kansas Food Bank needs YOUR HELP to fill the backpacks of these hungry children. You can give now through our Virtual Food Drive.


Through this Internet-based solution, you will be able to make monetary donations to Kansas Food Bank Food 4 Kids backpack program so that we may buy food that is desperately needed by children.

Why are we using the “Virtual Food Drive?” The answer is simple – we are able to get more of the foods that hungry Kansas children really need than we can through traditional food drives. Food4Kids uses specific foods to ensure that each backpack is filled with a weekend’s worth of calories, provided in single-serve, nutritious, kid-friendly foods.

And by using the Virtual Food Drive, the Food Bank can stretch your dollars. We buy overstock, closeout, and code date items from selected vendors in large quantities at a large savings. In many cases, we can buy four times as much food as you can at the grocery store for the same money!

Donating online through the Virtual Food Drive also offers these additional benefits: Your donations are completely deductible and after you donate, you will instantly receive a tax receipt. And think of the time you save by not having to make an extra trip to the store or a food collection site.

The “Virtual Food Drive” concept is also great for businesses and organizations wanting to sponsor food drive activities. Collect the money for the goods that are needed rather than having coworkers bring in food from home that then has to be transported to the Food Bank.

With the “Virtual Food Drive”, your organization can sponsor a school and set your fund-raising goals. Just be sure to click on “Company” to select the school so your donations are attributed to that school, and we will help you monitor progress toward your goal!

So, go on. Give it a try. It’s really easy – just “drag and drop” the items you want into the backpack, then enter your payment information (we take major credit cards) and see how many children’s backpacks you helped fill! You may never go back to the traditional food drive again!